Teams committed to customer satisfaction

 "Customer first" is the very foundation of what drives our teams every day and motivates our actions. We do everything we can to guarantee excellent service, from the design of our solutions to their implementation and monitoring.​

To achieve this, we have developed specific business expertise to support our partners and their customers by adapting to their expectations and needs. 

Assistance operator with headset and laptop

Assistance Operators

​Our assistance operators are experts in customer relations and are trained in the characteristics of HGVs and other professional vehicles.​

Operating in an international, multicultural and multilingual environment, they work day and night to help people in emergency situations.​

​A human, rich and varied role that combines empathy and responsiveness:​

  • They understand and analyse the needs of the caller.​
  • They then organise and coordinate the implementation of the most appropriate solution for each situation as quickly as possible.​

They are the company's voice for your customers when they need it most.​

A profession in which the word 'assistance' takes on its full meaning.

Two women and a man stare intently at a computer screen

Partnership Managers

Our partnership managers are at the heart of the relationship with our key account partners. They are dedicated to supporting you throughout our collaboration to ensure your satisfaction: ​

  • Analysis of the specifications to provide the best possible operational response to the needs expressed.​
  • Steering and coordinating the production of the partnership.​
  • Quality monitoring and operational analysis of the partnership during the production phase.​
  • Coordinating the development of partnerships to boost the customer experience.​

On a daily basis, they are the voice of our partners and their customers.

A man laughing in front of a lorry while holding his tablet

Network experts 

Our network experts are men and women in the field with real knowledge of equipment and innovations in the area of assistance. ​

Their role is to guarantee services carried out by qualified professionals and a consistent quality of service wherever you are in Europe: ​

  • Rigorous selection and contractualisation of our service providers.​
  • Tariff negotiations.​
  • Monitoring and analysing the performance of selected service providers.​

They are the guarantors of the quality of the services provided.

A helper with his headset and laptop


Our hypervisor team monitors all the flows received and processed by our assistance platforms in real time: ​

  • Coordination of our various sites to optimise telephone response and requests management.​
  •  Setting priorities to maximise our performance.​
  •  Distribution and allocation of tasks.​

Hypervisors make a major contribution to the agility of our operational teams and the achievement of our performance targets.

A teacher in front of a whiteboard and his class


 The role of our trainers is to ensure the transfer of business knowledge and company values to our assistance operators:​

  • Creation of training programmes and materials (quizzes, e-learning, etc.).​
  • Welcome and training over several weeks for new arrivals to enable them to fully acquire skills and know-how.​
  • Ongoing training to ensure the adaptability of processes and coverages.​

They pass on to our employees all their expertise in the application of contracts and customer relations to guarantee you an experience focused on satisfaction and quality of service.

A man chats to a woman in a cafeteria in front of his laptop

Assistance Manager

On a day-to-day basis, our management team sets the pace at our assistance platforms: ​

  • Managing a team of Assistance Operators (assessments, coaching, training, etc.)​
  • Contributing to assistance centre development projects (integration of new contracts or products, new tools, etc.)​
  • Supervising assistance centres activity​
  • Coordination between the platforms and support functions (feedback on needs, cross-functional work).​

They are dedicated to enhancing the skills and excellence of our operational teams so that we can provide you with a quality service at all times.

A woman smiles at an Excel spreadsheet and an open notebook


 ​Our planners calculate and coordinate the production, monitoring and training times of our assistance operators: ​

  • Creation of staff schedules for all our European sites.​
  • Application of employment law regulations and company agreements.​
  • Contribution to medium and long-term operational strategies.​

They organise our resources so that we can optimise the way we handle our activity to ensure that our customers, and yours, are satisfied.

A smiling man sitting at a table with screens showing data dashboards

Data Miner

Our data miners explore all data relating to our assistance activities in order to analyse and optimise them: ​

  • Creation of reporting tools to monitor performance.​
  • Optimising and automating data flows.​
  • Development of new technologies.​

Our data mining team carries out specific studies to strengthen our understanding of market trends and the changing needs of our customers.

A man giving explanations with a pen and a tablet to another man


Our actuaries are true insurance technicians. They analyse, monitor and assess the financial risks of our solutions:​

  • Statistical studies of tariff components.​
  • Monitoring market trends and service costs.​

They determine the optimum price to meet our customers' needs while guaranteeing budgetary control and profitability.​​

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