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People are our driving force 

In a global context where we need more and more drivers, putting people at the heart of our concerns makes perfect sense. ​

Attentive to the needs of our partners and their customers, our assistance solutions provide support and personalised care for those who matter most. This is how we also help to retain the talents of our partners. ​

Protecting what matters, when it matters, means guaranteeing that your contacts are responsive, empathetic and ready to listen, providing you with the right services and solutions when your employees need them most. ​

As an insurer by nature and an expert in assistance management, we share the same concerns as our customers on a daily basis.​

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We take care of your passengers​

Whether you're a coach operator, taxi driver, ambulance driver, etc., your passengers trust you to get them to their destination safely, whatever the distance or country you're in. ​

In order to preserve this relationship of trust, we leave no-one by the wayside. Our solutions are specially designed to meet your needs in emergency situations while guaranteeing the mobility of your passengers.​

Testimonial after a serious accident involving a bus carrying 30 passengers

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Partnership manager

Fortunately, claims involving serious bodily injuries do not happen every day. When it happens, we know how to respond. The solutions implemented to support our customer made me proud to be part of the AXA Group!​
Thanks to the strong internal mobilisation in response to this emergency, a crisis unit was set up within the hour. Our medical team was able to respond quickly and provide personalised support for each injured person. For the most serious cases where victims had been hospitalised, we made travel and accommodation arrangements for their relatives so that they could be at their side. Psychological support was made available to those affected and their families. I'm proud to be part of a company that, when exceptional events occur, has the capacity to mobilise and to deploy exceptional measures. It's in these emergency situations that our role as an assistance provider really comes into its own.

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Medical assistance excellence

Requests for medical assistance or repatriation are always times of stress and uncertainty, for you, your drivers and their families.​

With 100,000 medical files assessed every year*, our medical team will give your employees all the attention and expertise they deserve.​

In order to provide them with the best possible support, our various assistance guarantees include: ​

  • Insurance to cover the cost of their medical expenses abroad, ​
  • Organisation of repatriation in conditions appropriate to their state of health, ​
  • Transmission of urgent messages,​
  • Visit from a relative if necessary,​
  • Coverage of additional accommodation costs. ​

And other customised services to meet all your needs.

* 2022 figures

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