Electric charging point and HGVs

Support for all your electric professional vehicles

Committed to the fight against global warming and experts in assistance for business vehicle fleets, we have developed our know-how in sustainable mobility to adapt to changes and developments in the market.​

​The automotive sector is undergoing a major transformation, with a sharp increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road. Whether new or used, HGVs, LCVs or cars, electric vehicles are a key element in the future of the automotive industry and help to protect our ecosystem. The new technologies developed for these vehicles present new challenges that we can help you to meet.   ​

Whatever your fleet of professional electric vehicles, we can meet your support needs. To guarantee your mobility and peace of mind in the event of the unexpected, we have adapted our solutions and cover to be able to assist all your electric vehicle fleets: cars, vans, motor homes, ambulances, taxis, commercial vehicles, lorries and heavy goods vehicles.

Electric charging point and vans

Support solutions delivered by a specialist network

Technological advances made by manufacturers have considerably increased the range of batteries used in electrically powered vehicles. This increase in range has made a major contribution to the growth in the number of electric vehicles on the road, not only cars and vans but also heavy goods vehicles. ​

​Like internal combustion engine models, electric vehicles are subject to many risks and unforeseen circumstances on the road. ​

​If your electric vehicle is immobilised, our network of specialised and certified service providers will provide you with the solution you need:​

  • On-site breakdown service in the event of mechanical breakdown or puncture,​
  • Towing to a repair garage authorised to handle electric vehicles in the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired on site or an accident,​
  • Towing to the nearest point where you can recharge your flat battery,​
  • Lifting / craning in the event of an accident.​

To meet your mobility needs, our teams and breakdown mechanics are available 24/7, ready to help you anywhere in Europe.

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