Commercial vehicles, lorries and vans parked in a car park

Assistance and breakdown services for your vehicles under 3.5t

We offer you solutions tailored to light vehicle fleets: ​

  • Commercial vehicles​
  • Minibuses​
  • Ambulances​
  • Light medical vehicles​
  • Funeral vehicles​
  • Taxis​
  • Driving school vehicles​
  • Cash-in-transit vehicles​

​When you're on the move, the unexpected can happen at any time. For a rapid return to mobility and appropriate care for your vehicles, it is essential to call in a specialist.​

If your vehicle is immobilised, our teams are available 24/7, delivering the assistance solutions you need.​

A towing driver with a thumbs-up opens the door of his tow truck

Quality assistance at a controlled cost

Whether you're transporting goods or carrying passengers, we know how precious your time is and how important the return to mobility is for your business. ​

Your business vehicles are real work tools. We do everything we can to help you meet your commitments and preserve the relationship of trust you've developed with your customers.​

Experts in assistance for over 25 years, we've developed a European network of qualified and responsive breakdown mechanics, ready to come to your aid whatever the situation (breakdown, accident, puncture, etc.). All our service providers are rigorously selected, monitored and audited on a regular basis to provide you with a quality service at all times.​

To help you keep costs under control in the face of unforeseen events on the road, and to manage risk effectively, we offer you insurance products with guarantees and levels of cover that have been specially designed for your vehicle fleets.

A woman gets out of a taxi with the driver's help

We take care of your drivers and passengers

​​We put people at the heart of our assistance solutions, which is why all our products provide specific care and support for your employees and passengers.​

We don't leave anyone by the wayside.

​If your vehicle needs to be towed, our assistance operators will put in place the necessary resources to ensure the mobility and safety of your drivers:

  • Drop off at their homes or at your company.​
  • Organisation of hotel accommodation and taxi transfers to enable them to wait for the repairs to be completed.​

​If you operate a people transportation business (taxis, ambulances, etc.), we cover not only your employees but also your passengers.​

Build customer loyalty by giving them the certainty that they will always arrive at their destination.

Our team is at your service

Let's create your solutions together