Are you a major player in the road transport industry looking for a ​partner to build your assistance solution?  ​

With proven experience in developing large-scale partnerships with leading players in the road transport industry, we co-construct customised solutions to meet your expectations and those of your customers. ​

We offer you a comprehensive approach to keeping your customers mobile and allowing you to focus fully on your core business.​

We put innovation at the service of customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability, to build scalable, winning solutions for all stakeholders.​

Framing your requirements, understanding, designing the experience, managing and analysing, continuous improvement

Our watchwords for supporting you throughout our partnership: ​

CUSTOMISATION: we take the time to understand and analyse your needs so that we can offer you customised solutions and a personalised customer journey.​

ADAPTABILITY: we adapt our services to your needs and those of your customers.​

PROACTIVITY: we make suggestions to help our partnership grow by analysing the performance indicators of the solutions in place. ​

OMNICANAL APPROACH: we combine the best of digital technology and human contact to guarantee you the best possible customer experience.​

We guarantee a partnership​


We guarantee the confidentiality of our exchanges, your data and that of your customers. 


From design to evaluation of our services, customer needs are at the heart of our approach.​

Serving the customer

We adapt our offers, our coverages and our processes as the situation requires. ​


We combine the best of technology and people when we create our solutions.

  • 98 %


    consider that AXA Partners is an ethical partner, respectful of the environment and socially responsible.*

  • 88 %


    say that we help them to build customer loyalty.*

    *AXA Partners survey conducted among our business partners in Dec. 2022

  • 92 %


    say that forming an alliance with us enables them to generate additional added value.*​

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Services to meet your requirements, solutions to meet all your needs ​

Optimising vehicle uptime, service quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of the solutions we provide.​

  • Multilingual management of your customers' support requests across Europe in 28 languages. Responding to customers in their own language reassures them and ensures that their request is fully understood and can be dealt with more effectively.​
  • White-label answering service in complete confidentiality.​
  • Routing breakdown requests and directing vehicles to your network and workshops.​
  • Availability of our network to complement yours. Your customers will never be left without a solution.​
  • Follow-up of assistance requests until the end of the vehicle's immobilisation, including during workshop repairs.​
  • Maintenance scheduling and predictive maintenance.
  • Vehicle or equipment recall campaigns.​
  • Call overflow management to complement your existing call centre, so that all your customers' requests are dealt with quickly, even during busy periods.​
  • Guarantee of the correct application of pricing conditions and the legal conformity of invoices from your network and/or ours.​
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.​

To guarantee your satisfaction at every stage of our relationship, our partnership managers are on hand to listen to you and monitor the solutions put in place.​

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The combined strength of an insurer and an assistance provider​

​As an insurer and assistance provider, we can offer you different ways of distributing our solutions to your customers.​

Our insurance products protect the financial interests of carriers by guaranteeing cost control in the face of unforeseen events on the road. ​

​Our expertise in risk analysis and management means we can also offer you fixed-price services for HGV assistance requests anywhere in Europe, including on French motorways.​

​To complement these offers, we design solutions based on an "on-demand" approach to our services. ​

Our different distribution methods can be combined to provide you with a unique solution for your customers.

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Innovation and co-construction to enhance the customer experience

For over 25 years, we have been jointly developing innovative, customised services to meet the specific needs of road professionals.​

In tune with technological developments and the new expectations of our partners and their customers, we innovate on a daily basis by adapting our guarantees and operational responses to offer you high added-value services.​

Innovation is a real driver of customer satisfaction, so we can help you develop digital offers that will set you apart.​

Thanks to our culture of innovation and co-construction, we work with you to evaluate and adjust our processes and products to guarantee you a service of excellent quality, enabling you to build customer loyalty.

Our team is at your service

Let's create your solutions together