Bringing you peace of mind and responsiveness when you're on the move, withservices tailored to every situation 

Many unexpected things can happen during a road trip. Whether it's a mechanical breakdown, a puncture, an accident or any other unexpected event, our teams are on call 24/7, to provide assistance and quickly implement the most appropriate service: ​

  • On-site repairs​
  • Towing​
  • Lifting/Cranage ​
  • HGV emergency tyre assistance​
  • Repatriation of vehicle from abroad​
  • Vehicle security fees abroad​
  • Recovery of repaired vehicle​
  • Replacement vehicle for coaches, light and commercial vehicles.​

An immobilised business vehicle represents a risk of financial loss for its owner. To protect you when you need it most, our network is ready to intervene at short notice, day or night, anywhere in Europe.​

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our assistance services, which are essential to ensure the safety of your vehicles and peace of mind for your drivers. ​

  • 81%

    81%On-site repairs *

  • 50 min.

    50 min.Average time for the breakdown service to arrive *​

  • 0,4 % ​

    0,4 % ​Complaints *

    * Truck activity 2022

The strength of our network

Calling in a mechanic you don't know can be time-consuming, stressful and very expensive.​

To protect you from this risk, our network guarantees cost control and premium service in all circumstances. Our dense network enables us to perform on-site breakdown repairs across Europewith 80% of cases being dealt with in less than an hour. 

Our network is supervised on a daily basis. In order to deliver quality services at the best price, our service providers are contracted, monitored and audited on a regular basis. We select them according to precise specifications, so that you can benefit from top-of-the-range equipment, negotiated rates and fast response times. 

Our specialists intervene just as effectively for a simple breakdown as for a serious accident involving several vehicles, whether HGVs or light vehicles. ​

The strength of our network means we can optimise our on-site breakdown rate. This optimisation is part of our CSR approach and helps to limit our carbon footprint: a breakdown service is three times less polluting than a HGV towing service.​​

Smiling bus driver

Paul, 42,

coach driver​

Keep it up! Given the difficulty of the situation in Italy, without you I'd still be there! THANKYOU AXA you were the BEST and thank you on behalf of the 54 children who were on the coach with me. The waiting time was very satisfactory. Thanks again!

Vans and commercial vehicles on a bridge

Your mobility, our priority 

Because we know how much the constant mobility of your vehicles enables you to gain in competitiveness, we make it our priority.  ​

We work with a network of specialist service providers to optimise our on-site breakdown rate and maximise the uptime of your vehicles. 

An on-the-spot breakdown service means you can get on with your journey quickly and meet your commitments with complete peace of mind.​

We prioritise efficient intervention, low-emission services and preventive maintenance in order to limit our carbon footprint and that of our customers. ​

Successfully managed puncture

HGV driver

Isabelle, 48,

HGV driver for an SME​

My job was to deliver household appliances to Kassel. On the German motorway, at 1.30 am, a tyre on my trailer burst. I called the number on my AXA card straight away. A mechanic was soon on site and by 3 am I was on my way again. I arrived in Kassel on time, but above all I felt supported and reassured.

New touch technologies

Services tailored to your needs ​

As a transport operator, you have specific needs, which is why we create customised solutions for you. ​

We tailor our levels of cover and services to offer you a personalised package to suit your business. Our aim is to protect you from financial risk by keeping costs under control. 

As customers' needs continue to evolve, we have a duty to provide you with services that are tailored to your specific requirements. 

During the COVID 19 health crisis, we were able to react quickly to guarantee continuity of service and demonstrate our resilience. We adapt so that we can always provide you with the best possible support when you need it most.​


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