A man pushes a young man in a wheelchair into an ambulance

​Essential links in the care chain

​Ambulances and light medical vehicles are key players in the medical sector. On a daily basis, they transport patients to medical centers and hospitals, guaranteeing them appropriate and safe care.​

There are different types of ambulance, depending on the medical needs of patients: ​

  • Type A ambulances, used for non-emergency transport,  ​
  • Type B ambulances, designed for emergency transport and fitted with more advanced medical equipment,​
  • Type C ambulances used to transport patients with life-threatening conditions.​

​Ambulance drivers and medical transporters have a demanding job that requires not only specific training but also very human qualities.​

Like you, we place people at the heart of our concerns and know that in emergency situations we need to be efficient, fast and professional.​

We come to your aid when you need it most, our teams are available 24/7, to assist you across Europe, regardless of the type of ambulance or light medical vehicle.

Red Cross ambulance

A reliable and agile assistance looking after your passengers and drivers

As road professional, call on an assistance specialist who understands the financial and commercial impact that an immobilised vehicle can have on your ambulance business. ​

As your vehicle is your main working tool, it's vital that you can rely on the expertise of a competent partner who can put in place fast, appropriate solutions to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.​

To guarantee you quality assistance at all times, our service providers are rigorously selected, monitored and audited on a regular basis.​

Ambulance staff are responsible for ensuring that patients arrive at their appointments on time. ​

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, and in order to preserve the relationship of trust that you have established with your patients, we organise their care and transport them to their destination. 

If your vehicle requires workshop repairs following towing, we also take care of your drivers, whether they need accommodation while waiting to collect their repaired vehicle, or to return home.​

In the event of illness or personal injury, our medical team is on hand to provide all the support they need.

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