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Peace of mind when travelling in your motorhome

​Take advantage of your holidays to explore the whole of Europe, safe in the knowledge that we'll be there to help you, day or night, if your vehicle is immobilised.​

​Given the technical characteristics of your motorhome, it's vital that you call in a specialist breakdown and assistance service that can put in place the solutions you need, whatever the various problems you encounter: ​

  • Breakdown service at the site of immobilisation whenever possible,​
  • Towing in the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident,​
  • Fitting your spare wheel in the event of a puncture,​
  • Starting your vehicle in the event of a battery failure,​
  • Dispatch of spare parts needed to repair your motorhome if they are not available locally.​

​You can also count on our medical assistance team to support and assist you in the event of accident or illness while travelling abroad: repatriation, reimbursement of medical expenses, dispatch of medicines, etc.

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Your mobility is our priority

Because we know that your motorhome journeys are special, we do everything we can to guarantee your mobility and safety throughout your journey. ​

Whatever your type of motorhome (HGV or under 3.5t), our service providers, rigorously selected for their experience, will do their utmost to ensure that you can continue your itinerary with complete peace of mind.​

​If it's not possible to repair your motorhome on site, our teams never leave anyone on the roadside: 

  • Hotel accommodation booked for all occupants so that you can wait calmly for the garage to open or for repairs to be completed,​
  • Taxi transfers from the repair garage to the hotel,​
  • Provision of a vehicle or transport tickets so that you can reach your home or your next stop,​
  • Organising the recovery of your vehicle once repairs have been completed.​

We offer you quality services tailored to your needs and reliable logistical support throughout Europe.

Our team is at your service​

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