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Agile assistance to guarantee your mobility

Taxis are a regulated business subject to strict standards and must comply with obligations regarding the quality of services provided to their customers.​

Although taking out an assistance contract on top of your insurance policy isn't mandatory, doing so does give you peace of mind when you're on the move.​

Your taxi is your main working tool and we know that you take good care of it. However, you drive a lot of kilometres and may well be confronted with a number of unforeseen events: breakdown, accident, puncture, flat battery, theft, etc.​

To be able to deal with this situation with peace of mind, it is essential for any company specialising in transport to be able to rely on a partner experienced in taxi assistance services. Our insurance products and assistance services are specially designed and adapted to meet all your mobility needs.​

Thanks to our dense network of service providers rigorously selected for their experience and technical skills, we can guarantee you a fast, high-quality service in all circumstances, whether your vehicle has broken down or been involved in an accident.​

Our teams are available 24/7 to help you across Europe when you need it most.

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We ensure continuity of your services by taking care of yourpassengers 

Whatever the distance of your ride, whether it's a simple transfer from a station to a hotel, a journey from one region to another or a long-distance trip, your customers are counting on you to get them to their destination. ​

Like ambulances, you may also transport patients to medical appointments, so keeping to the journey time to the destination is crucial.​

We're committed to handling your requests for assistance as quickly as possible and to providing you with the services your passengers need.​

If an on-the-spot breakdown service is unsuccessful and a towing operation has to be carried out, day or night, our assistance operators will do everything possible to guarantee your passengers' mobility or accommodation. ​

Our aim: to ensure continuity of your services so as to minimise the impact of the immobilisation of your vehicle on your commercial activity and preserve the relationship of trust you have established with your customers.​

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values and drives the actions of our teams on a daily basis.

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