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Services tailored to your needs, whatever the type of trailer you have

Transporting your cargo is a priority, and to guarantee peace of mind and quick response in the face of unforeseen circumstances on the road, we offer dedicated solutions for your fleets of trailers over 3.5t: tankers, semi-trailers, tank carriers, refrigerated trailers, container carriers, etc.​

Our assistance operators are available 24/7 to help you anywhere in Europe. If your vehicle is immobilised, they will quickly put in place the service best suited to your situation:​

  • On-site repairs ​
  • Towing the vehicle to a garage that can carry out repairs in the workshop​
  • Lifting / craning in the event of an accident​
  • Repatriation of a vehicle damaged abroad.​

The dense network of our specialist outlets enables us to optimise our on-site breakdown service rate, and to carry out repairs in less than an hour in 80% of cases. *

* Truck activity 2022 data

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Quality assistance at a controlled cost

Just like road tractor units and lorries, your trailers and semi-trailers are put to the test when on the move. Since the upkeep and maintenance of your vehicles can't prevent unforeseen events on the road (accidents, punctures, etc.), it's vital to be able to call in an expert in assistance management.​

To guarantee you quality services at a controlled cost, our network experts contract, manage and regularly audit all our service providers. ​

We call in professionals who are renowned for their experience and responsiveness. 

Lifting and cranage operations in the event of an accident, as well as motorway services, are technical and delicate operations that can be very costly.​

In this kind of situation, it is essential to call in a properly equipped specialist to avoid further damage to your vehicle or the goods being transported. ​

Our insurance products protect you from these risks thanks to the quality of services of our service providers, while ensuring that call out costs are covered.

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Specialised emergency tyre assistance

Tyre problems are one of the main causes of HGV downtime. Because of the large number of tyres and heavy loads carried, trailers and semi-trailers are all the more prone to punctures and burst tyres.​

To guarantee you a quality service wherever you are in Europe, we've selected a network of qualified service providers specialising in HGV tyre repairs. Thanks to their expertise, they can implement the solution best suited to your situation:​

  • Tyre repair​
  • Fitting a spare wheel​
  • Fitting a new tyre ​
  • Rim replacement​

Our priority: guarantee you a rapid return to mobility and ensure the continuity of your transport operations.

Successfully managed puncture

HGV driver

Isabelle, 48,

HGV driver for an SME

My job was to deliver household appliances to Kassel. On the German motorway, at 1.30 am, a tyre on my trailer burst. I called the number on my AXA card straight away. A mechanic was soon on site and by 3 am I was on my way again. I arrived in Kassel on time, but above all I felt supported and reassured.

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