Key players in road transport​

Road transport offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive option for businesses. A versatile, flexible and reliable choice that offers great accessibility to both rural and urban areas. ​

HGVs, whether tractors, carriers or coaches, play a major role in this key sector of the economy. It is therefore vital to support them and provide them with appropriate assistance services to maintain their mobility.​

They are used in a wide range of industries for a variety of purposes: ​

  • Freight transport (consumer goods)​
  • Passenger transport (tourism)​
  • Transport of materials (construction and public works)​
  • Transport of hazardous materials (oil, gas, etc.)​
  • Waste collection (household refuse, recycling, etc.)​
  • Vehicle transport (automotive industry)​
  • Emergency services (tow trucks, cranes, fire engines, etc.)​
A lorry trailer blocking the path of a heavy goods vehicle

Roadside assistance is a necessity

Because of their intensive use and the long distances they cover, HGVs are put to a severe test. Although servicing and preventive maintenance help to anticipate mechanical breakdowns, they will never be immune to unforeseen circumstances when on the move.​

Following a puncture, an accident or any other unexpected event, sooner or later they will need to call on a roadside assistance service. 

Roadside assistance also contributes to the safety of all road users.​

It is therefore essential to call in specialist, responsive assistance that can intervene quickly to get vehicles back on the road or transport them to appropriate repair areas, without forgetting the care and safety of drivers. ​

Smiling tow truck driver in front of a tanker

Call in a HGV specialist

​For over 25 years, our teams have been dedicated to providing customised solutions for vehicles over 3.5t.

Our network experts have rigorously selected our service providers so that they have the capacity to come to your assistance, whatever your type of HGV (tractor, rigids, crane truck, router truck, machine, etc.), the type of goods being transported and the service to be carried out: ​

  • On-site repairs,​
  • Emergency tyre services,​
  • Towing of the vehicle to a repair garage,​
  • Lifting,​
  • Cranage.​

We guarantee you quality assistance in all circumstances, provided by seasoned professionals with the right equipment to take optimum care of your vehicles.

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