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Your mobility is our priority​

An insurance policy gives you peace of mind when travelling by coach.​

From the moment you set off until you arrive at your destination, no matter how far you have to travel, you're not immune to unforeseen circumstances during your journey: breakdown, accident, puncture, etc. An assistance service specialising in breakdown services and towing for vehicles over 3.5t gives you the assurance of a rapid assistance and a quality service when you need it most. 

Day or night, our network of professional breakdown mechanics will do everything in their power to repair your coach on site and minimise the inconvenience to your passengers.​

Our international expertise means you can count on reliable, personalised support across Europe. ​

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Guaranteeing peace of mind, for you and your passengers

We place people at the heart of our actions and our assistance services.

If it is not possible to repair the vehicle on site and towing is necessary, we'll organise a replacement coach as quickly as possible. Your passengers are taken care of at the scene of the incident and can continue their journey.​

We also take care of your drivers. ​

Once the vehicle has been towed to a repair garage, we'll take your drivers to their home or to a hotel so that they can wait safely for the repairs to be completed. ​

In the event of accident or illness, our medical team will organise the repatriation of your drivers and a replacement driver can be transported to pick up the vehicle.

Testimonial after the serious accident involving a coach with 30 passengers

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Partnership manager

Fortunately, claims involving serious bodily injuries do not happen every day. When it happens, we know how to respond. The solutions implemented to support our customer made me proud to be part of the AXA Group!​
Thanks to the strong internal mobilisation in response to this emergency, a crisis unit was set up within the hour. Our medical team was able to respond quickly and provide personalised support for each injured person. For the most serious cases where victims had been hospitalised, we made travel and accommodation arrangements for their relatives so that they could be attheir side. Psychological support was made available to those affected and their families. I'm proud to be part of a company that, when exceptional events occur, has the capacity to mobilise and to deploy exceptional measures. It's in these emergency situations that our role as an assistance provider really comes into its own.

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