For proper management of your claims, call on an assistance expert ​

Despite all the caution you undertake by carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicles and despite the skilfulness of your drivers, you will never be safe from unforeseen situations on the road (breakdowns, accidenst, tyre punctures, etc.). Choosing to manage yourself your roadside assistance services, although tempting, can have serious consequences on your business and your finances. To protect you from these risks, call on our proven expertise in assistance management for transportation professionals.

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Choose to save time

We know that your time is precious, and that the immobilization of one of your vehicles, in addition to being a source of stress, has significant consequences on your activity.​

The mobility of your vehicles is our priority. To reduce the downtime of your vehicles, we have implemented solutions focused on the rapid and efficient resolution of our customers’ assistance requests:

  • A European network of qualified service providers ready to intervene as quickly as possible​
  • A pan-European linguistic coverage to guarantee you perfect understanding and management of your requests, even abroad​​
  • Sending the guarantees of payment directly to the service provider, thus securing their intervention and response time.​

Our experienced team is here to support you 24/7 throughout Europe, discharging you from the time-consuming tasks of organizing and monitoring an assistance service.

Cost reduction

​​​While controlling the cost of your assistance claims

Calling a service provider with whom you have no contract may result in additional costs or poor quality of service which could cause additional damage to your vehicle.​

In order to avoid these inconveniences, our network of service providers is rigorously selected, contractualized and audited in order to guarantee you:

  • The right service at the right price,
  • Consistent quality of service throughout Europe,​
  • The intervention of qualified and equipped service provider for optimal care of your vehicles.​

Our insurance products also allow you to control your annual assistance budget. In the event of a disaster, the guarantees taken out will allow us to cover the cost of the services provided.

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And taking care of your drivers

In a global context of shortage of professional drivers, retaining your employees is essential. This is why our assistance products provide guarantees dedicated to their care and support:

  • Hotel and taxi transfers allowing them to wait in complete safety for the vehicle repairs to be completed,​
  • Organization of their trip back home or to your company,​
  • Medical assistance in the event of an accident or illness,​
  • Psychological assistance,​
  • Medical teleconsultation.

“Protecting what matters when it matters” means being there alongside your drivers and providing them with support when they need it most and face the unexpected."

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