With Clic Assist, you become your customers’ trusted mobility partner 

We are expert in digital platforms that provide smooth and rapid services to customers. These platforms enable case tracking from start to finish. For example, when car accidents or breakdowns leave drivers feeling helpless, AXA Partners responds with roadside assistance services via Clic Assist and its integrated tool, Here With You. Clic Assist is a simple and straightforward journey, providing an innovative and efficient solution to breakdown assistance.

All customers have to do is enter essential information on their mobile devices, which is then transferred to the AXA Partners’ Assistance Center and intervention network. For additional transparency after the creation of a case, Here With You allows customers to track the progress of the tow truck, putting them back in control during a stressful time. 

  • 20 000

    20 000Roadside assistance requests

    from customers with electronic contracts (handled in Germany).

  • 1/3

    1/3of customers

    proceed to the Here With You solution

  • 55

    55customisable policies

    included in our Coverage Check service

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Building customer loyalty while increasing your revenues

To generate income in today’s changing mobility market, you can build customer loyalty by expanding your offer and creating positive touch points. This is especially crucial during times when your customers are in stressful situations, notably breakdowns or accidents. Combining human and digital services, our Clic Assist online claims notification tool does this and more, offering drivers the reliable and fast 24/7 roadside assistance services they seek. To top it off, you can generate additional income while satisfying your customers. The data on incidents that you capture allows you to find new revenue sources and steer services towards specific providers. Moreover, it provides key performance indicators that enable you to improve your service standards.

A driver consults a tablet while leaning against his HGV truck

Clic Assist is there when you need it

Clic Assist is an easy-to-use online tool that allows customers to request roadside assistance using their mobile devices in the event of a breakdown. By entering their license plate number, they are recognized and geolocalized. They then choose a vehicle fault. The information is transferred to AXA Partners, which sends them a confirmation and breakdown summary and activates its recovery network. While their physical journey may have been interrupted, your customers’ digital journey through Clic Assist is fast and efficient, from the initial claim through the arrival of a tow truck. Moreover, the Clic Assist link can be placed at many touch points for customers, making access easy.

E-rescue digital route
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Here With You means you will not be stranded on the side of the road 

Here With You is a seamless continuation of the online roadside assistance journey that can be customized to fit your brand. After inputting their basic information into Clic Assist, customers receive an SMS with a link to the Here With You tool. This generates precise and real-time tracking of the recovery provider, including name, location, and estimated arrival time. Not being required to call an assistance center is a great shortcut when you are stuck on the side of a busy road. Best of all, in the twelve countries where Here With You is available, tow truck arrival times have averaged only 26 to 52 minutes.

Here With You digital tour

With Hallmark Instant Coverage Check, customers can instantly find out what's covered and what's not

It is not always easy for customers to know exactly what type of damage or accidents are covered when they take out an assistance or insurance policy. Our Hallmark Instant Coverage Check service was developed and included in our Clic Assist offer because AXA Partners believes in offering full transparency to policyholders who subscribe to our products. Giving them peace of mind in the event of an emergency, customers are no longer required to refer back to their roadside assistance policy to check their breakdown cover.  

One of your customers finds themselves stranded on the side of the road. Using their smartphone, all they have to do is scan the Clic Assist QR code which they can find inside their car. When the Clic Assist app is open, their vehicle is automatically geolocated and a request for breakdown assistance is sent. Our Instant Coverage Check tool will ensure at the same time that the customer’s roadside assistance policy covers this type of request. If this is the case, a tow truck or a mechanic will be sent to their location. If they are not covered, a customer support agent will get in touch to discuss the various options available to them.  

Electronic contracts are automatically scanned and their key points summarised to ensure that your customers understand the full extent of their cover and its limits. This will save both your agents and customers some precious time!  

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