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Handling of all your road vehicles over 3.5t

We offer you insurance solutions and products tailored to heavy goods vehicle fleets of: ​

  • Road tractor units,​
  • Carriers,​
  • Tipper trucks, bucket trucks,​
  • Trailers and semi-trailers,​
  • Tanker trucks,​
  • Coaches,​
  • Machinery (excluding unregistered vehicles).​

​Whatever the type of business you run (freight transport, passenger transport, etc.), whether you drive on the road or on the motorway, whether you drive new or used vehicles, our teams are available 24/7 to provide you with the services you need if your vehicle is immobilised.​

A broken-down lorry driver shakes hands with a towing driver

Rapid, high-quality assistance thanks to the strength of our network​

A stationary commercial vehicle can lead to heavy financial losses for its owner, so restoring mobility is a major challenge for HGV assistance. ​

To guarantee a rapid response and appropriate handling of your vehicles over 3.5t, you need to call in specialists.​

To ensure that you receive quality service at a reasonable cost in all circumstances, our network of breakdown mechanics has been rigorously selected for their expertise, experience and responsiveness, and we regularly audit their services. ​

There are many reasons why a vehicle may be immobilised (breakdown, accident, tyre problem, damaged mechanical part, etc.) and the solution must be specific to each situation.  Our specialised HGV network operates across Europe, providing on-site breakdown services, towing, lifting, craning and repatriation.

Young passengers board a coach

Never forgetting those who matter most

​Assistance provider by vocation, we place people and customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. ​

​As well as ensuring that your HGVs are taken care of, we also provide assistance to your drivers and passengers when they need it most:​

  • Booking of hotel accommodation during vehicle repairs and taxi transfers,​
  • Transport of drivers to their home or your company if the vehicle is towed,​
  • Medical and psychological assistance,​
  • Routing coach passengers so that they can continue their journey with no worries.​

We do our utmost to ensure that your staff and passengers feel supported and safe in the face of unforeseen circumstances on the road. ​​

Our team is at your service

Let's create your solutions together​